A Process With Proven Results

Planning For Success

Detailed technical drawings are an integral part of our pre-planning and project management process. After conducting a thorough site survey, we produce floor plans that ensure all necessary elements and equipment will fit in the existing space, and create an environment with optimum visibility and clear sound for every seat in the meeting space.

We produce a visual document that is clearly understood by our clients, as well as venue representatives, fire marshals and the entire production team. Our technical drawings are an essential tool in our planning to communicate with all key team members who participate in each project.

We leave nothing to chance.

Planning to Execution

Before your presenters set foot on the stage and the first image appears on the screen, LBI Audio, Video & Scenic Solutions transforms the meeting venue. An empty ballroom is transformed into a center of learning and information.

Measurements are taken, equipment cases are rolled in, and our technical crew begin their assigned duties. In a well choreographed effort, scaffolding is erected, lighting trusses assembled, projectors are mounted and each piece of equipment takes its place. In a few hours, carefully laid out plans become reality and the design comes to life. Presenters come in for rehearsals and the final tweaks are made.

We run your rehearsals and work with your VIP presenters to ensure their comfort on the stage. No detail is left to chance.

Supporting Your Objectives

We design with purpose, striking a harmonious balance between aesthetics and the meeting space, whether it be reinforcing the client’s theme or creating the image they wish to portray to their audience. We take a concept and make it a reality.

Transforming a venue into an environment that supports learning is a challenge we embrace. We combine different materials and textures to create depth. We integrate scenic elements and presentation technologies to enhance your brand.

Our designs create spaces that support your message, rather than competing with it.

Unmatched Technology

Just because a company owns equipment doesn’t make it a professional staging company.

LBI Audio, Video & Scenic Solutions continually researches and purchases new and exciting “state of the art” equipment with one goal in mind: to help our clients communicate more effectively.

In between events, our in-house technical staff ensures that no piece of equipment leaves our warehouse without first undergoing a rigorous quality control process. We guarantee that our equipment is in peak operating condition.

Whether it’s video projection, sound reinforcement, or theatrical lighting, we strive to have the best. Our clients deserve it!

Project Management

Our Project Managers leave nothing to chance. The smallest detail is thoroughly researched and planned in advance. We know that a live event offers only one opportunity to “get it right,” and that’s when we shine.

From day one, our Project Managers focus only on the success of your meeting. We are proactive and meticulous in our planning. By learning the requirements and limitations of each venue we are able to anticipate any onsite challenges and find solutions that do not compromise quality, all while monitoring your budget, and make it all happen seamlessly with our dedicated, professional technical staff.