The LBI Philosophy

We believe that we have an obligation to our clients to provide them with the best service, most qualified technicians and the best equipment at reasonable prices. We must always be consistent. We must never take our customers for granted. Our clients call on us to solve their problems; and in satisfying their needs, everything must be executed in a professional manner.

We believe we must show unwavering respect for our co-workers. Each person’s job is important and their efforts contribute to the success of the company. We must strive to maintain a productive and professional work environment that encourages creativity and open thinking; an environment where the employee feels secure in his or her job. Clear and concise communication with one another is paramount to the success of the company.

We believe our equipment must always be in top operating condition, mechanically and cosmetically. All items in need of repair must be dealt with in an expeditious manner. Care must be taken when handling our equipment. We must always check in meetings thoroughly and abide by the quality control protocols set in place. Our warehouse is our showplace. It must always be clean and organized.

We believe our freelancers are more than a resource. They are our partners and they must be treated as such without expectations of reciprocity. We must always be fair to our freelancers. Show them the proper respect. They represent us in the field. Do not question their rate. Do not ask for special considerations. We should never determine another person’s self worth. It is our duty to match the technician to his or her skill set. We must also continually evaluate our technicians to ensure they are representing us to our satisfaction.

We believe our vendors are an extension of our company. We must continually evaluate our relationship with them. We must align ourselves with ethical companies that conduct business as we do. We must be fair with our vendors and honor their terms and conditions, and keep all transactions strictly on a business level.

We believe we must maintain our profit margins and endeavor to reduce our expenses. We must embrace change. Acknowledging that change is inevitable will free us to focus on our job. Managing change will enable the company to grow. Focusing on this and our values will allow the company to make a respectable profit, thus creating revenue for improvements in working conditions, employee salaries, and equipment,